Love Me - Angels in ChaosThe New Foundry studios, a new recording and artist development company in Knottingley are planning to relaunch two of their girl bands. Angels in Chaos are looking for 1 new members to complete the group. It’s an all female group, and ideally members need to be aged between 14-17. The band will rehearse every Saturday afternoon, at the New Foundry Studios, in Knottingley, West Yorkshire. The band will begin with covers and then begin work on their own original album. They will also take part in competitions throughout the UK. The second band is Scarlet Rain, a vintage trio, who sing old and modern songs in a vintage style. Very slick and stylised. We are looking for 2 new members for Scarlet Rain aged 12-17. Those auditioning are required to perform 2 songs: One ballad and one up-tempo song of your choice. Those auditioning will be required to sing the whole song. You will audition in front of Georgina Hill-Brown You must bring backing tracks with you on CD, a biography and photograph. Costume: Please dress to impress. Movement: There is not a separate dance audition, so please incorporate movement into your audition. Casting will be announced the day after your audition. Please Note: If you are not chosen for the girl band, it is likely TNFS will be auditioning again later in the year for other bands. Further Information Costs: If you are chosen for one of the girl bands, there will be a rehearsal fee, to cover tuition, and towards room hire charges, which is £8 per hour. I must point out initially there will be training in singing and dance, before the rehearsals for performance commence. The girls will be trained to be highly proficient in both areas. Rehearsals: As already said, you will be expected to travel to rehearsals, which will be within the Yorkshire area, near Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Rehearsals will be week nights and weekends. Performances will mainly be weekends.

New members! Chloe & Autumn

So excited to announce the newest member Chloe, who will join Autumn in Angels in Chaos. More auditions next week, so the final line up will be announced very soon!

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